Our artists

At Kawelä, we are committed to promoting Montreal artists and supporting
the local arts industry. It is for this reason that we offer you accessories
beach shoes designed by local artists!
By buying your beach products at Kawelä, you are helping to support the local economy and
the Montreal artistic community.

Carolanne Riberdy


''Being the founder of Kawelä, I rediscovered a passion for art during the creation of my company. This passion is also a challenge every day, because I want to satisfy my customers with the craziest designs of the moment.''



Noemie Beauchemin

@noeb_graphic designer

''I had an excellent experience with Kawelä! I come out of this collaboration with great pride to see satisfied customers wear my work!''

Claudie Lamarre


Claudie Lamarre is the independent artist behind Out of the, a Montreal design and art firm. Combining a minimalist style with committed subjects oriented around the culture of surfing, skateboarding, freedom and the 70's, Out of the aims to charm the observer while provoking the human spirit.

''Carolanne was one of the first entrepreneurs to approach me for my illustration and design services. I had the chance to step out of my comfort zone by creating colorful and flamboyant visuals for Kawelä. Our mutual love for days at the beach will have clearly contributed to the result of this great collaboration.''

Marie Pier Cloutier


''Working for Caro was a godsend!

She is sweet, motivated and very professional! Above all, she respects and values ​​artists very much, she welcomes ideas and leaves a lot of freedom to creativity and imagination!

I couldn't have dreamed of a better first freelance contract. My door will always be open for new adventures with Kawelä.

Thank you for your trust!''

Karina Marcil


Karina Marcil is the multidisciplinary artist hiding behind Rinartz. Being passionate about all kinds of art, her studies in interior design have awakened an artistic approach that puts forward digital art to illustrate the concept of her spaces. Rinartz was then born out of a desire to capture beautiful moments and to offer, as a result, a personalized illustration service. The project then drifted towards a unique visual identity. Plants, women and settings remain great influences for her creations through a living language translated from layers and overlays.
''Being one of my first contracts in illustration, it must be said that the collaboration with Carolanne and her company Kawelä was a very beautiful and great challenge. Having worked on a rather realistic project departing from my usual style, I found myself falling in love with the new techniques acquired during my explorations and feeling a feeling of valorization following this beautiful enriching experience. I am grateful to be able to be part of the great Kawelä family!''