Our history

A Quebec company born in 2018.

Fly microfiber, designed in Montreal

Carolanne Riberdy created Kawelä Designs in September 2018, with the launch of her
first product, the Kawelä beach towel. She reinvented the commercial beach towel so that you
can take it everywhere with you, easily and that it accompanies you in all your

Kawelä's goal was to create a towel that would be sufficiently absorbent, that would dry quickly, that the sand would not stick to so that the beach would stay on the beach, that would be XL size, but super compact and to create designs that would not be found not everywhere else. This is why all the models of their products are handmade by Quebec artists.

Why do you need a Kawelä?

The towels are made of embossed microfiber, a material that does not catch sand, is compact and is of superior quality. The designs
are original and made in Montreal, by Carolanne and other artists.

Versatile products

She then developed other products, also in microfiber, such as ponchos and
refreshing towels, training towels and several other products that you can bring
while camping, hiking or on your next trip.

Do you want even more?

To accompany you in all your outdoor activities and to meet your needs
outsider, it also offers you bags, hats and soon other products for
original and crazy designs!